Sex Therapist

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Sex Therapist

Mensagem por Dark_Isis em Sex 23 Abr - 20:34

Summary :
A series of people visit the bar named Kain for a little more than drinks. For kicks let's call it sex therapy.

1)Sex Therapist- Hoping to make an arrest, detective Ryouichi Ohnuki
decides to investigate Kain, but gets distracted with thoughts of his
straitlaced co-worker.

2)A Man Who Dreams- Salesman Obinata is in love with adorable co-worker
Himeno, but feels guilty over his dirty thoughts. Maybe a trip to Kain
will help clear things up.

3)The First and Last Man- When Aki runs into his former brother-in-law
Naoto at a gay bar, he's furious! What else has Naoto been hiding from

4)Sweet Man- Takerou's sweet shop is a rival of the foreigner Shimon's
pastry shop. But Takerou is secretly addicted to the competitions
sweets, and not just for the taste.

5)Prince of the Ice- After a serious injury, ice skating champion Reo
Toujou's relationship with his coach, Dzhokhar fell apart.

6)Timid Flower- Ice skater Akira Ohno is assigned a new coach,
flamboyant foreigner Zio Maurizio. Can Zio remind Akira why skating is

7)Free-F@#%ing Father- After an amazing one night stand, seminary
student Ippei Niwa can't get the sexy guy out of his head. When they
meet again, Seiji Kusama is the priest Niwa is mentoring under.

Genre(s) : Mature, Yaoi

Artist(s) : KODAKA Kazuma

Author(s) : KODAKA Kazuma

Official Volumes : 1

gostei bastante de ver as diferente maneiras de como ele ajudava os clientes

Escorpião Dragão
Número de Mensagens : 205
Humor : negro

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