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Summary :
The manga tells
the story of Asuka, age 22 and the energetic employee of an advertising
agency, and Yui, age 17 and Asuka's step-brother. Asuka has a problem:
he is still a virgin, and what's worse, he's been impotent for several
years... and he blames it on things that happened in the past with Yui.
The step-brothers have been separated for two years, but when athletic
star Yui returns to Japan, he confronts Asuka about the past and
confesses a surprising, devoted and lasting attraction to his older
brother. And, miracle of miracles, Asuka's impotence (and his unwilling
virginity) is cured!

Asuka and Yui's relationship is sweet and affectionate, and follows
their development from their first sexual fumblings through the normal
problems couples have, like trying to find enough time to be together
and how to have a relationship that's more than just sex. Asuka's
adorable tendency toward overreaction is balanced well by Yui's calm,
but Yui is strongly passionate and the seme in the relationship. Both
characters have lots of personality and are detailed and likable, which
pulls the reader into the interesting, natural storyline.

second volume see "brother 2"

Genre(s) : Comedy, Yaoi

Artist(s) : Ougi Yuzuha

Author(s) : Ougi Yuzuha

Official Volumes : 2

Summary :
The Sequel to Brother

Genre(s) : Yaoi

Artist(s) : OUGI Yuzuha

Author(s) : OUGI Yuzuha

Official Volumes : 1

Escorpião Dragão
Número de Mensagens : 205
Humor : negro

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